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Graduate programs

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Ph.D. in Health Sciences

Note: We are now accepting applications for the Health Sciences doctoral (Ph.D.) program for Fall 2020.

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Master of Health Sciences

The Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) program offers an interdisciplinary, collaborative health sciences research environment that will provide you with opportunities to conduct high-quality research in one of three areas:

Our research-based program develops students' skills in health science research, providing opportunities to work with top researchers from your chosen field. Collaborations with governmental, corporate, health-care and community partners are potentially available to broaden the scope and impact of your research.

You will complete:

  • A required course in your chosen field.
  • A common research course.
  • Three elective courses.

These courses lay the foundation for your independent research under the guidance of a research supervisor and supervisory committee. Under the supervision of a faculty member, you will employ one of several research methods to design, conduct and complete a significant piece of research, culminating in a master's thesis.

By virtue of the strong research foundation and substantive expertise gained throughout your MHSc education, you will be well prepared to:

  • Pursue a Ph.D. in research-oriented health sciences or related programs.
  • Seek funding for projects or research to be undertaken at your workplace.
  • Take on higher-level occupations within health care.

Work Disability Prevention (Graduate Diploma)

The Graduate Diploma in Work Disability Prevention (WDP) is offered in collaboration with Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. The program is primarily designed for highly qualified individuals in established regulated health professions (e.g. chiropractors, kinesiologists, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers) currently working in or wishing to work in the WDP field. Health professionals are ideally situated to help workers and organizations prevent and resolve disability issues.

The graduate diploma specifically targets the societal networks and complexities of return-to-work co-ordination. It focuses on unique applications of the biopsychosocial model of return-to-work. Rather than focusing on just the diagnosis, the program also delves into understanding the root causes of disability. It also creates the potential to develop strong relationships with the community and employers to create specific experiential learning opportunities.

The courses will include simulated negotiations, case studies and specific fieldwork assignments. Students will take five online courses. All courses will be completed in the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer semesters.