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2013-2014 graduate research projects information videos

On March 13, the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) held a Graduate Student Thesis and Research Information session. At the event, FHS graduate student participants were asked to explain their thesis research in three minutes or less. You can view their respective videoed presentations by selecting the linked slides below.


Danielle Andrew

The Effect of Motor Training on Sensorimotor Integration 
in Healthy and subclinical populations
Program: Mast of Health Science-Kinesiology
Supervisor: Dr. Bernadette Murphy

View Danielle Andrew's thesis video

Julianna Baarbe

The effects of distorted feedback to the brain on the 
cerebellum and upper limb function
Program: MHSc (Kinesiology) 
Supervisors: Bernadette Murphy and Michael Holmes  

View Julianna Baarbe's thesis video 

 Emily Bremer

Investigating the Effectiveness of a Fundamental Motor Skill 
Intervention for 4-Year-Old Children with Autism 
Spectrum Disorder 
Program: Master of Health Sciences in Kinesiology 
Supervisor: Dr. Meghann Lloyd

View Emily Bremer's thesis video 

Rachel Goldgrub

The effectiveness of multimodal care for the management of 
patients diagnosed with musculoskeletal shoulder disorders:
 A systematic review of the literature 
Program: Master of Health Sciences 
Supervisors: Dr. Pierre Cote

View Rachel Goldgrub's thesis video 

May Helfawi

Patient involvement in IPC, a catalyst to the delivery of patient 
 centred-care at community based mental health settings
Program: Community Health 
Supervisor: Dr. Brenda Gamble

 View May Helfawi's thesis video

James Oduntan

Student’s perception of the Online Mental Health Support Tools
 on Depressive Related Disorders
Program: Health Informatics
Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Percival

 View James Oduntan's thesis video

Sarah Prosser

Working Title: An exploratory study of parents’ experiences with feeding
behaviours and food environments in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Program: Master of Health Science-Community Health
Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Vogel

View Sarah Prosser's thesis video