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Student testimonials

Our students know best! Here are some examples of what they have to say about their choice to study in our health sciences faculty programs.

“Choosing Ontario Tech, among many universities to continue my education in post RPN program, was the best choice I could make to pursue my goals and dreams. From the convenient technology-based courses, state-of-the art facilities, and enthusiastic, knowledgeable,  supportive staff and faculty members to the great sense of community within the programs, Ontario Tech has exceeded my expectations. Professors and staff members have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide us with a unique, personalized, and exquisite experience.  I have grown immensely as a student, leader, and citizen since the beginning of this program through the opportunities provided for me by the school and I am forever grateful for that.” - Bahar Karbalaei, Nursing (Post RPN), class of 2013

"I feel that the BScN collaborative program makes me feel like a member of the nursing community. From the small class sizes to the dedicated professors who truly invest in your education. The vast amount of opportunities that are made available to students, including that of research, leadership and advocacy roles, empowers students to discover their unique interests within nursing. As a result, students are encouraged to take an active role within the profession, and it is through the innovative nature of this program that we are enabled to do so. As a ‘caring curriculum’, the environment is both hands-on and supportive; students learn what it means to care for clients and colleagues from a holistic perspective. Whether it is technology applied within the simulation lab, or the passion for nursing advocacy, this program challenges students in such a way that equips them to enter the profession as care-oriented nurses dedicated to changing lives." - Mary Michalski, Nursing (Collaborative), class of 2016