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Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences

Allied health may be defined as those health professions that are distinct from medicine, nursing and/or dentistry. Allied health encompasses a broad group of distinct health-care professionals who possess a specialized body of knowledge, training and expertise and who adhere to ethical codes and standards of practice unique to their profession. Allied health care professions employ scientific principles and the best available evidence to inform their practice and health care services provided across the lifespan to manage treat, or prevent acute and chronic disease and health conditions; to promote health and well-being across the lifespan; and to apply administration and management skills to support health-care systems in a variety of settings. The scope of allied health practice may include individuals, families and/or entire communities.

Are you a diploma-prepared health-care professional seeking to advance your career?

The Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences (BAHSc) program offers professionals working in the field of health care a unique opportunity to expand their previous educational experiences through a flexible, open and online environment. This career-oriented program will help provide health-care professionals with an opportunity to fulfil leadership, managerial and supervisory positions in the evolving health-care system.

This multi-focus interdisciplinary degree program is designed to build upon your educational foundations from your diploma to develop in-depth knowledge and examine diverse aspects of health care delivery and research, using innovating curricular methods and strategies—all completed at your own pace. For more information, please see the college-to-university transfer programs website.