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Frequently asked questions

Frequency Asked Questions

  • Why should I take the Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences program?

    The BAHSc program accepts graduates from a two-year diploma program and has an innovative curriculum that has been designed to actively engage students in a holistic learning environment. Using an integrated and innovative approach to your education, you will learn through a broad range of teaching methodologies and strategies.

    Why choose this program:

    • Study anywhere, anytime with open and equal access to education making it easier to create academic schedules to accommodate full-time employment
    • Program can be completed entirely online
    • Flexibility for your schedule
    • Move into leadership, supervisory and administrative positions with completion of degree
    • Evidence-informed interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Why do a BAHSc degree at Ontario Tech University?

    Ontario Tech University offers the Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences program completely online. As a student you have the ability to study and complete work anywhere at any time, providing increased flexibility that fits your schedule. This program may also be completed within two years full-time.

  • What is Online Learning?
    The BAHSc is an interdisciplinary online program that allows diploma-prepared health care professionals the ability to study anywhere, at any time. Students learn and engage with the material, classmates and professors through interactive videos, chat rooms and platforms, such as Blackboard.
  • Can I continue to work full-time?
    Yes, the BAHSc program is available entirely online, making it easier to create academic schedules to accommodate full-time employment.
  • How long is the program?
    This program may be completed within two years, full-time.
  • Am I eligible for advanced standing?

    Academic recognition for students with accredited diplomas in the recognized disciplines will be considered for advanced standing. The university may award up to 57 advanced credits for a two- or three-year college diploma towards the requirements for the BAHSc degree.

    Trained personnel at the university who can accurately evaluate applicants' credentials and experience through the use of the criteria guidelines review applications for advanced standing. Up to an additional three credit hours of advanced standing may be awarded based on further credentials. Once transfer credits have been determined, you will be assisted in the selection of a degree completion path that best meets your background, abilities and career aspirations. For more information, please see the Advanced standing/transfer credit website.

  • How much will the program cost?
    For current BAHSc domestic student tuition fees, please see the information on the tuition and fees page.
  • What types of students are enrolled in the BAHSc program?

    Student Profiles

    Many students who enroll and complete the Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences program at Ontario Tech University come from a variety of backgrounds. The flexibility of this program allows students to register and complete courses at their own pace in a manner that fits within their schedule and lifestyle.

    Below are some current students who are enrolled in the program:

    • Student Profile 1: A graduate of Mohawk College from Medical Laboratory Science program, working full-time as a Medical Laboratory Technician and supporting a family. Has enrolled in up to two courses per semester to complete the Bachelor of Allied Health Sciences program.
    • Student Profile 2: A graduate of Durham College Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant program, working part-time. Completing the Bachelor of Allied Health Science program full-time; enrolling in three or more courses in order to complete program in 3 years. Would like to pursue Teachers college after graduation.
    • Student Profile 3: A graduate of Centennial College with an RPN diploma, currently working full-time as a Health Care professional, balancing school and family. Applying to Masters of Health Sciences – Health Informatics program in the future. 
    • Student Profile 4: This could be YOU!