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Student research testimonials

Nakia Lee-Foon, Master of Health Sciences student, class of 2012

"The research project carried out as part of the Master of Health Sciences degree provides students with the unique opportunity to mesh theory with practice. The Community Health stream of the program gives students invaluable first-hand experience in the creation, development and maintenance of collaborative research partnerships with communities. Further, there is a big focus on student development through one-on-one supervisor-student interactions as well as teaching and research assistantship opportunities."

Rohan Gonsalves, Master of Health Sciences student, class of 2011

What I liked best about the Master of Health Sciences program was the focus on community-based research. Community-based research has allowed me to see the value in focusing on the practical relevance to the community, as I strongly feel my research journey, including its collaborative process and sustainable results, benefitted community members in making positive and social change. Furthermore, my research experience has helped me develop transferable skills, which have further advanced my career. But with all the research and career gains aside, what I value most is the amazing memories and lasting relationships with all those that I have worked with in the community.”

Kathleen Smith, Master of Health Sciences student, class of 2011

“As part of my master’s experience I was part of a leading-edge research team. It involved the collaboration with not only other faculties and its members but prominent business partnerships all conducting research within renowned health-care facilities utilizing the latest innovative technology.”

Salma Bham, Master of Health Sciences student, class of 2011

“The research experience I gained during the two-year Master of Health Sciences program at UOIT was invaluable.  I had the opportunity to work alongside leading-edge researchers and colleagues to conduct meaningful community-based research.  By including the community organization throughout the research process, I was able to use their feedback and suggestions to strengthen my study and ensure it remained relevant.  The relationships I established in the community will continue to be fostered as I move forward in my career trajectory.”