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New student course registration

Welcome to the Collaborative BScN program at Ontario Tech and Durham College

If you are a new student in the Collaborative BScN program, please read through the following registration guidelines to assist you in your first-year course registration. We have provided these step-by-step instructions to assist you in having a smooth registration process that guarantees conflict-free schedules.

Important: Be sure to register for both the Fall and Winter terms!

You will find the five-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) for each of the specified course sections. Please register only for the indicated CRNs of the combination you choose. Students who do not follow these combinations may be unable to register for some or all of their courses and may create difficulty for other students. In the event that students are incorrectly registered, please be advised that we may remove them from their courses, and assign them to one of the designated combinations.

Since many of your first-year nursing courses are required to be taken together (co-requisites), we suggest you follow these instructions to add the courses to your schedule on MyCampus, so that you can add more than one course at a time:

Step 1: Log in to MyCampus (

Step 2: Click on Administrative Services (link near top left corner of page).

Step 3: Click on Student Information - Ontario Tech.

Step 4: Click on Registration

Step 5: Click on Term Selection – be sure to select appropriate term (i.e., Fall 2013 or Winter 2014).

Step 6: Click on Add/Drop Classes.

Step 7: Agree to the Registration Contract.

Step 8: Scroll down and enter the five-digit CRNs in the box(es) at the bottom of the page. This allows you to add more than one course at a time.

Fall and winter nursing combinations

You are required to select one of the first-year course combinations for registering for each of the fall and winter semesters. On the following pages you will find a list of courses and CRNs and a timetable for each combination so you can see what your schedule will look like.

Please click on the links below to view combinations:

Follow the instructions above to register for both Fall and Winter semesters and you will be ready to roll!