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Research practicum

The research practicum is designed to give a select group of fourth-year Faculty of Health Sciences students a unique opportunity to work closely with faculty members and, in some situations, adjunct faculty, on a research project. The work could be a research study faculty are currently involved with and/or a project faculty would like to pursue in the future. Students are advised that this constitutes part of the required course work in the research practicum and should not be equated with a paid research assistant position. Students will be available to start their research practicum in September. It is possible that some research projects could begin over the summer, pending faculty approval. 

Main objectives

To provide students with:

  • A practical and guided experience that exemplifies aspects of the collaborative research process;
  • Opportunities to apply their knowledge of research methods in an actual research setting; and
  • A positive experience in research collaboration.

To participate you must have a minimum GPA of 2.65 or above. Students are required to spend approximately 160 hours on the Research Practicum over two terms.

Research activities are intended to be flexible - you and research tutor will choose a combination of hours/activities that meets both your needs related to the project. Students' roles may vary depending on the research project.

Lab-based research activities could include, but not limited to, involving the student in one of the following:

  • data entry
  • data collection
  • literature review/systematic review
  • questionnaire design
  • research Ethics Board application
  • technique validation
The roles and responsibilities of students and research tutors are further described in the course syllabus for the Research Practicum. Please see the Academic Calendar for more information.